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Lord Kelvin

Data Publication for EU citizens – 1/2018

13 February 2018

One of the aims of CRCB is to improve the transparency of the Hungarian public procurement and to help the researchers, the journalists and other stakeholders have access to public procurement data. Accordingly, we decided to make a part of uncleaned version of public procurement database built by CRCB accessible and publish some main indicators of public tenders: publication date, name of issuer, name of winner, contract value, number of bidders, and the links of tenders on the Hungarian Public Procurement Authority’s (HPPA) webpage from where we downloaded the information concerning public tenders in unstructured format. Our dataset contains information of 239,484 records (192,821 contract awards and 46,663 other notice types) from January 1st 2005 to December 31th 2017. Unfortunately the webpage of the HPPA does not allow downloading elementary data with a simple, structured format (csv or any other format). Therefore, this task was carried out by CRCB, a non-profit, non-partisan think tank. With this step, we would like to help also the Hungarian state institutions (Hungarian Competition Authority, Hungarian State Audit Office, or Ministry of Justice, etc.) achieve their invaluable and important aim to fight against corruption, and at the same time we also provide them with information that foster their evidence based politics.

The public procurement database cleaning and building efforts were supported by the EU Commission, the Hungarian Scientific Fund (OTKA) and we used the CRCB’s own financial resources as well.

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Suggested citation:

CRCB.2018. Data Publication for EU Citizens – 1/2018. Hungarian Public Procurement Dataset 2005-2017. Budapest: Corruption Research Center Budapest.