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The EU funds, Viktor Orbán, and Lőrinc Mészáros, the Hungarian gas fitter: four graphs

8 March 2019


CRCB. 2019. The EU funds, Viktor Orbán and the performance of firms owned by Lőrinc Mészáros, the Hungarian gas fitter, in the Hungarian public tenders 2005-2018. Budapest: CRCB.

Based on the empirical analysis of the Hungarian public tenders we pointed out  that the EU funding has perverse effects in Hungary: it helps to reduce the intensity of competition, to increase the level of corruption risk and the weight of price distortion, and it generated the growth of the estimated direct social loss due to weak competition and high level of corruption risks from 2009 to 2016. The analysis on public tenders won by companies related read more

Az MTA átalakításának és a kutatóhálózat elvételének egy lehetséges értelmezési modellje


2019 Február 28.

Az MTA átalakításának és a kutatóhálózat elvételének egy lehetséges értelmezési modellje

A rövid elemzés 13 + 1 pontban foglalja össze az MTA átalakításának és a kutatóhálózat leválasztásának egy lehetséges értelmezési modelljét.  A CRCB ezzel a munkával szeretné új szempontokkal gazdagítani az MTA átalakításáról szóló vitát és egyben segíteni az MTA-t, a magyar nemzet legrégebben fennálló intézményét.

Az read more

The detection of overpricing at EU funded public procurement in Hungary

7 September 2016

The analysis of first digits of contract prices indicates that the contract prices of all Hungarian public procurement fits into the theoretical distribution for the whole period. But there are crucial differences in price distortion among the contract prices in each year. Price distortion was increasing throughout the whole period; while in 2009 and 2010 contract prices fitted well into the theoretical distribution, after those years the ratio of price distortion got more and read more

Data Publication for EU citizens – 2015/1

Transparency is a basic condition in spending public money.

This is true for EU funds collected from taxpayers of developed EU Member States. The data reported here by CRCB would like serve this aim by sharing all important elementary data of EU funded Hungarian projects and supported organizations for the period 2004-2012 in a well structured format. The sources of information were the Hungarian government websites, though they do not allow to download elementary data with a simple, structured format (xlsx or read more